TOP 5 best car flavors.

Any car enthusiast is faced with the smell of gasoline, exhaust gases or technical materials inside the cabin. To cope with them will help car perfume or in the common people “scent”, which can be bought in almost any store. The rating of car air fresheners will tell you about the most effective products on the market.

Eikosha Air Spencer A-52, Lemon Squash.

Produced in Japan. Long-lasting. Pleasant citrus aroma.


The best car air freshener is a product from the Japanese company Eikosha. Air Spencer A-52 is a chalky fragrance without liquid elements that can freeze in winter. The product has a pleasant, not pungent citrus scent and lasts for about a year. Supplied in the form of a tin can, placed on the dashboard, which looks more original than the usual “odors” on the rear-view glass.

Deliss AUTOP006.05 / 01, New Car.

Ease of fastening Pleasant neutral aroma Costs cheap.

Weathered quickly.

Inexpensive perfume Deliss from the Russian company was named “Smell of a new car”, which perfectly conveys its essence. The aroma is light and pleasant, without a pronounced taste. The perfume is supplied in the form of a liquid applied to a cardboard base, which has a convenient attachment to the mirror so that the fragrance does not dangle obsessively in front of the eyes. The effect lasts from a week to two.

Car-Freshner U1P-10316-RUSS, Green apple.

Low price Convenient fastening The smell is not harsh.

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