Hi, I’m Maria and I have a story I would like to share with you. This story is about a girl who has to save a friend in danger. This is only an insert. I will be posting the next part of the story later. I hope you enjoy the beginning.

Oct. 4, 1962, London Bridge, 12:00 AM. Diary of Carmela “Claire” Peacocks, Age 18. 2009 Bridge Crest Ct.  London, England.

S. S. S. SS!!! I’ve been seeing them everywhere…… until it happened. It happened yesterday, in the basement around 12:00. I was hearing noises in the basement and when I went to check, I saw a hunchback holding him. When she saw me, she climbed out the window and disappeared into the street. I’m beginning to think that the S’s were premonitions! Oh, I shouldn’t have ever left poor Salvador in that horrid basement all by himself!! He doesn’t even have his wings yet!!! I hope with all my heart that he can escape somehow! Aren’t Club dragons known for their strength? I’m afraid to break the news to Salvador’s mom and I hope she will forgive me. I take it back. If you’re a Chinese dragon hybrid that breeds with a blood dragon and you have the second-rarest dragon in the world as your son, you have to be protective of him, right?? Anyway, I got my contacts today and everything is tinted red. If I’m really having premonitions then I’m going to be seeing Mila really soon. Either Mila knows or she wants him back, though I’m leaning towards the former. Dragons can find out anything. If she’s mad then it’s not going to be pretty; she’s a volcano of rage ready to erupt decades of revenge.  To be continued….