Screenshot of Game Over Gopher
At the beginning of the game, the gophers come and you use carrot shooters and other tools to make the gophers leave.

When you have nothing to do and you’re super bored, I present something that is really fun and some of you guys probably know about it. It is Game Over Gopher! You can find Game Over Gopher at Math Snacks. I have been playing it recently and it is super fun. So I’ve decided to do a fun little review; if you guys like this, I might do more game reviews! OK let’s get to it.

The problem in Game Over Gopher is these gophers want to eat your carrots. So you have to fill the gophers up with small carrots so they don’t need your big Carrot.

There are two parts to this game. One part I just told you about but the other part is to unlock levels of the game. This game is really fun and there’s lots of ways to play it! Overall, I give the game 5 out of 5 stars. It was really fun and I enjoyed playing it.

This game was made by New Mexico State and paid for by the National Science Foundation. It is really fun but there is a problem. Flash will be going away in December so I was wondering what would happen to the game. We decided to email who does it and see what would happen. Here is our conversation!

Dear Dr. Chamberlin,

I am a 5th grader and my class and I really love Game Over Gopher. We would very much like to know after Flash is discontinued, how we could play this game. Are there plans to make a new version or are you discontinuing the whole game?

Thank you for making this game in the first place. It is very fun. 

Protector of the Carrot 🥕 


Hello Maggie,

Thank you so much for writing to me! We are working on updating all of our games. Sadly, Game Over Gopher will be the last because it is *so* complex. We hope to have 3 of the Math Snacks games redone by December (Monster School Bus, Gate, and Ratio Rumble), then start Game Over Gopher.

The good news is that in redoing them, we’re moving them closer to accessibility for everyone who has special ways of playing games.  The bad news is it will take us a bit longer. Thank you so much for playing it!

Have you looked at our new games, Agrinautica and Curse Reverse?

Thank you for your kind words, and for standing up for the rights of oppressed carrots everywhere 😉